Virtual meet ups

Virtual Food Tourism

Travelling and exploring cultures through food are two essential activities for me. And since the lockdown has denied me the former, I’ve been revisiting some of my old haunts abroad by way of culinary imagination alone.
So I popped over to my favourite Greek restaurant, La Taverna Klimataria in the Varvakeios Agora, Athens, with this dish of pork knuckle braised in ouzo with cinnamon and bay – served with confit oregano tomatoes. Making it myself helped me understand why they’d opted to do it that way themselves. It’s cheap and cheerful and very rustic – composed of just what they had lying around. The Klimataria is near the central food market, not far from the Parthenon, surrounded by streets lined with aromatic shops that only sell herbs and spices. They have live rebetiko music there, and people form a circle to dance the kalamatianos. It all gets very tactile and emotional, even tearful, at times.