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Food for Friends

It has always been the highlight of our working year – our team summer lunch buffet before breaking up for the holidays. As a team of teachers working for a local authority Minority Ethnic Achievement Service, we are lucky to have colleagues from different linguistic and cultural backgrounds so the food brought to our pot-luck buffets has without fail been delicious and diverse. Over the years, memorable dishes have included Syrian ful, a luridly purple Ube-Macapuno (yam) cake from the Philippines (incidentally one of the nicest cakes I’ve ever tried) and Polish sorrel soup, zupę szczawiową.
Of course, none of that has been possible this year. We decided instead to start a recipe collection and Food for Friends was born. So far, we’ve had recipes from South Africa, Syria, Italy and Germany. The next step is to start asking for contributions from the children and families we work with, who have been telling us about the traditional recipes they’ve been turning to during lockdown. Food has always played a vital role in bringing people together but until life gets back to normal, I hope that people and communities who may have been feeling even more isolated than usual during the pandemic, will be able to feel listened to and connected, through the sharing of recipes.