• Diversification of business model – i.e. restaurant to takeaway; shop in a pub; local delivery service
  • Personal story – revitalisation of home cooking, rediscovering a love of baking; finding a family recipe; coping with COVID
  • Combating food poverty – food banks; school meals; holiday hunger; less waste
  • Collaboration – Instagram food; cookery lessons; interviews with chefs, commentators, bloggers
  • Championing local – reduced food supply chains, eating local, eating seasonally, campaigning to save local producers
  • Supporting each other – feeding the NHS and key workers; cooking for each other; shopping for others; keeping in touch with each other
  • Virtual meet ups – dinner parties; coffee mornings; lunches; cocktail parties
  • Land army – workforce related stories
  • Campaigning – support local; support legislation that protects our standards; raising funds