Diversification of business model

Swper. Box – Creating Demand to Support Sustainable Local Agriculture

Swper. Box CIC sets out ambitious goals ahead of its Launch this October.

Two Welsh Chefs made redundant during lockdown set up pioneering social enterprise Swper. Box. Ahead of their main launch online in October they have a clear and ambitious strategy to create sustainable jobs and support the regeneration of local Welsh communities.
It’s Wales’s First Recipe Box Subscription Service and the only in the UK operating as a Community Interest Company.
Creating Sustainable Jobs at a Living Wage, Supporting a Supply Chain Network of Sustainable Family Farming/Fishing Communities here in Wales, Ensuring Access to Fresh Nutritious Food and Gaining Tasty-Healthy Cooking Skills.

“There is no choice to make, if you are setting up a new business in the current circumstances it just has to be a Community Interest Company. The challenges ahead of us all are great;
We know there will be people in our communities who need sustainable jobs, training and food education.
We know that people are finding it hard to get access to fresh, nutritious and healthy food.
We know that we all want to support Welsh Fishing, Farming and Sustainable Agriculture.
We know that we need to rebuild our nation for a Healthier, Wealthier and Greener Wales.
That’s why Swper. Box was created”

– co-founder Alex Cook
Early March Alex could see the immediate needs of the local community, involved in setting up a local food bank, by April they were coordinating the delivery of 140 meals daily to the Covid Staff at local hospital Glangwili, isolating their home and kitchen to become a production line for six weeks. But it became clear that the needs of the community were changing and looming redundancies across the local hospitality sector hit home when close friend and co-chef Stuart was out of work with no access to extra support.
“we knew we had to do something to create jobs, we just didn’t know what yet, then we discovered (as a lot of people did at that time) home-delivered recipe boxes and quite honestly thought we can do better.
Better ingredients, better recipes and tastier food, simple. And all the time supporting our local economy, sustainable farming and community regeneration” Alex
Set up during lockdown, Swper. Box CIC has already been shortlisted in the Welsh Start-Up Awards for Social Enterprise of the Year, less than 3 Months after incorporation. They are Wales’s First Recipe Box Subscription Service, the first and only in the UK operating as a Social Enterprise, Community Interest Company; harnessing the Seasonal, Organic and Sustainable Ingredients from here in South Wales. They boldly aim to establish Swper. Box as brand leader here is Wales, gaining position in the market through intelligents collaborations and marketing capabilities.
They really care about making sure they can create and safeguard jobs here in Wales, so ahead of their main online launch in October this year they are limiting the amount of subscribers. This is to make sure they deliver on freshness, quality and support their suppliers as they grow together.

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