Diversification of business model

Beetroot Bonanza

Wrights Food Emporium in LLanarthne @wrightsfood is run by Simon Wright and his wife MaryAnn they, together with their team, are truly inspirational. During lockdown they diversified their business model into selling food online for collection, which included dishes that had been made by them, with local delicious ingredients that you could take away. Not being near enough I relished their weekly recipes that took you on a virtual journey to places that they had visited. Beautifully illustrated by @leighsinclair they were visually beautiful as well as delicious. This is my attempt at their beetroot and feta dip so earthy and fresh truly wonderful. Each week I tuned in to their Instagram Live feed known as Elevenses- in which Simon interviewed interesting figures from the food world, which included chefs, writers and campaigners. I urge you to watch them. They have now reopened working with the guidelines so if you are near by I urge you to call them and see if you too can experience a little bit of their magic. Simon has aslo turned his hand to campaigning launching the Welsh Independent Collective @w_i_r_c on Insta giving the voice of the independent eatery in Wales the one they deserve. Truly inspirational.

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