Personal story

Broad Beans and Bruschetta

I’ve always cooked a lot from scratch and food has always played an important role in our day-to-day life so these things haven’t really changed much in lockdown. But I think some little rituals and habits have taken on even more importance, like the mid-afternoon espresso accompanied by something sweet to get me through the working from home mid-afternoon slump or Friday night aperitif, with a negroni and crostini. The other thing I’ve become more aware of is seasonality, and I’ve taken every opportunity to gorge on asparagus, jersey royals and broad beans.
The latter remind me of a holiday in Puglia when we ate raw, just-picked broad beans with some ricotta bought from a local farmer, so fresh that it was still warm when we got it home. It was a memorable lunch. My lockdown version was a simple bruschetta with gorgeously fresh broad beans, creamy ricotta, finished with mint and some sea salt. Quick to prepare, with flavours that sing of summer, it was perfect eaten in the back garden, day-dreaming of a time when we can travel once again.