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Imperfect Pierogi: The One Where We Didn’t Go to Poland

This July I should have been following Pearl Jam around on their European tour, hopping from the UK to Poland to Hungary to Switzerland. Obviously, things have turned out slightly differently.

This is not Krakow, this is Manchester.

One good thing about lockdown has been having more time to cook, to put on the radio and actually enjoy the process of making something. So, although I am disappointed not be in Krakow right now, I brought a little piece of Poland into my kitchen, and made some (very imperfect) pierogi ruskie.

These pierogi were made to the sounds of a live Pearl Jam bootleg – sadly not part of the accompanying video – in a bid to capture just a little bit of this lost summer.

(I’m not sure many people eat pierogi with hummus and edamame. Sorry, Poland.)