Supporting each other

Alma Road Curry House (Paul Khan)

When we entered lockdown several neighbours (we have a WhatsApp group) set up a service to shop and help any vulnerable persons in our neighbourhood. One neighbour, Paul Khan, asked if anyone would like to try o e of his curry pastes. What followed was weekly deliveries of the most delicious and imaginative tastebud experiences! Paul would announce via WhatsApp what each weekly paste would contain and suggest a dish to combine it with also offering alternatives. He would then deliver the paste to each household all free of charge. We only had to supply some jars each week. Photos of curries adorned our WhatsApp page.
It enhanced our community spirit and led to many neighbourly discussions.
Paul remained humble throughout and his innate knowledge of spices and cooking methods inspired several households to try new recipes and flavours. He clearly has a gift which he generously shared with his neighbours in these worrying times. We all felt uplifted in our connection with curry ?