Food in the time of lockdown …..and beyond

The pandemic has revealed how the power of food can bring us together. It has also shown how many people are vulnerable to the scarcity of it. We are a group of academics interested in everything to do with food; from the serious questions of survival, support and comfort, through to people finding alternatives to dining out and enhancing their cocktail cabinets.

Has the pandemic caused a revival of your family’s cooking traditions? Perhaps lockdown helped you rediscover aspects of your cultural identity that may have lain dormant? Maybe you have turned your restaurant into a takeaway venue or a distribution centre for NHS workers?

We aim to produce a gathering point for all of the food-related stories, films and images that people have written or captured for posterity. We feel this is important: and that it needs to be documented, shared, and studied.

We’d love you to click on the link and tell us about your story and then take a look at other people’s too. Thank you.